writer - director

I am a graduate of the Stavrakos Film School in Athens. As a director I have tried since the beginning to learn to work properly with the actors. I have worked in the Theater for 15 years in several positions. My plays have been performed on main stages in Athens, and at festivals in Dublin, London, and Cologne. For three years I have also teached in a private acting school in Athens.
After this conscious training, I have created four feature films, two short films and one medium film, all of independent production. These films have received several awards in international festivals.
For my necessary artistic development, I have moved to Berlin. This year I presented my project "Dense Times" at the Berlinale, receiving very favorable comments. I have also recently completed a second script entitled "Champagne to Mr. Shostakovich". ​Both scripts have been awarded in international festivals. My novel "Belladonna" is currently being completed and has been proposed to be published in Germany.