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The President of the USA travels to Great Britain with a group of friends. There, together with his Friend and Prime Minister, they have fun participating in a movie, organizing a scam for a fake war and generally having a good time. But the future comes in the form of Cosmogenic changes, the two friends go through inconceivable troubles, lose their basic senses and end up at the bottom of a lake with reptiles that no human has ever seen.




In the middle of the 21st century, the Presidents of most countries, were famous actors or people of the media. The political intrigues were reminiscent of Byzantium and Rome. Such a story unfolded when the President Donald Deaf visited England privately, with a large group of friends, in order to meet his friend, the Prime Minister of England, Tony Blind. Both participated in the shooting of the film "HOMELESS" '.-

Bridge under train. Bus ​stop. Pharmacy. Cosmetics.
A cameraman with a portable camera comes in and out quickly. Cinema lights are set up, and everything resembles a movie set, with an extra sense of realism.
A giant poster is placed on the wall, two African workers sing. A lake with waves, a girl is surfing.
In front of the poster, two homeless people are sleeping.


TONY: Wakes up, wipes his clothes.)
Probably ... I ate a lot ... at the party .....

WORKER A: (Sings). Inside the lake of water
where the beautiful Dudu swims
she knows all the secrets of the Bottom Dudu did you hear the news?

DONALD:(Wakes up, shouts) .... Tony?

TONY: Slow down! I listen to the singer.

DONALD ... what does he say? what language is it?

TONY: Right! Wait for me to ask? (Goes to the workers, returns). East Sudan!

DONALD: East Sudan! Is it close to Morocco?

TONY: Now, tell me what you remember!

DONALD: .... I remember something ...yes... they were wearing hats, at the party, isn't it?

TONY: ... of course they wore hats, at the party, you can not give information ... (in a low voice) there is still a lot to happen ...

DONALD: Give the guys a cigar ...

TONY: Come on up! go yourself and give them, take the whole package ...
(Takes out a box of packets of cigars).

DONALD: We'll get rid of them! (Lying down)

TONY: Leave it! I'm going! .... (goes to the workers and gives the package. He dances a circular dance with them, and returns.)
Oops! Did you see me? Born dancer, eh?

DONALD: I am coming back... (He goes to the bus stop for a while ... there are two girls, with surfboards. He is talking, without looking at them).

Dressed like nun?

GIRL A: Aaa! ... No!

GIRL B: Yes! ... only in winter.

(Donald takes out a box of cigars, searches, and gives one with a gold wrapper to the girl B. She quickly hides it under her clothes. He looks around, leaves, and goes behind the placard, the girl follows him .
Soon they return making their clothes.)-

DONALD: God saves the Queen!


DONALD: God saves the Queen!

GIRL A: No! ... (Turns around, and hits him with the surfboard.)
(Donald stumbles, returning, pretending that nothing happened.)

TONY: What's going on?

DONALD: Shit! Where are the hats! ... (They wear two hats, colonial style, painted pink. Worker A approaches them).

WORKER A: How is it going here?

TONY: Good!

DONALD: Good! Just as yesterday! Is the poster ready?

WORKER A: We are waiting for the girl ...

TONY: Is she coming?

WORKER A: So, says the boss ... (worker B approaches).

WORKER B: You'd better ... take these hats off! (Grabs them, and throws them on the street).

WORKER A: They ask .... if the girl will come .... what do you think?

WORKER B: Keep the bus stop "clean" for a while ... (Worker A, chases the girls out of the bus stop, and ties a ribbon around it.)

DONALD: Very confusing!

TONY: Poor Tony ... yes, I know...

DONALD: Administration is a hard work!

TONY: Poor Tony!

DONALD: Donald! Stop this !! Are there any sausages left?

WORKER A: I think the girl just arrived ... (They leave. We see the girl (JULI) of the poster. She is wearing a red swimsuit and a transparent raincoat, you can see a holster with a gun.)