writer - director


Feature film, BLACK COMEDY

Festivals: Emerald Peacock Film Festival - Honorable Mention (2021).

A well-known Hollywood screenwriter is visiting Berlin for work. After a night with a lot of alcohol he wakes up in the morning, seeing everything around him in black and white. He also realizes that he has signed a contract with an unknown woman, in which he promises to find the new Picasso of our time, within a month, otherwise he will lose all his property.




Office in skyscraper in Manhattan.
A broadleaf plant with a bee.
Fry (50) standing up observes the bee.
He takes out a packet of candies and puts one in his mouth.

A burly short man enters.
He holds his shoes in his hands.
He leaves them next to the flowerpot. He goes to the desk, sits, wiping his hands with wet tissues.
Fry sits quietly opposite him.''

Only in your house you feel free, I'm a fan of the wardrobe...
But ... the whole corridor sucks, they have to leave their shoes down at the entrance ...

... Lou ... I am listening...

He looks at him for a moment, staring into his eyes ...”

You did a good job Fry ... '' BREAKFAST IN BERLIN ''
Nice title! It evokes a large shop on the corner ...

''He raises one foot on top of the other, we see that he is wearing a black shoe and a white one. He takes out a tissue and wipes his forehead.''

I think we can go on without a problem...
We have the director ...
I also have some ideas about the starring role ...
But ... Fry ... neatness ...
You are good at this ...

No! Lou ... I'm not ... I'm tired in fact...
I went to the doctor, the psychiatrist ...
I have ... a nervous breakdown ...
I need a change, I need to clear my mind ...

Do you have another suggestion?

This is not my issue Lou, and you know it!
I told since the beginning, I am rather delicate!
We have been friends for thirty years, and you seem still unable to understand this!
I am exhausted Lou ... I stink like a scorched earth!

You did a very good job Fry ....
you still have a lot to give!
I do not want you to talk about yourself like that ..
You shouldn't think that way!
Get an assistant ... we have a job Fry ...
Good job!

No, Lou!
This is my last job, that may worth while.
I'm done Lou, I know what I'm talking about, the source has dried up.
I warned you not to force me to write ...
about things that do not interest me!
I'm not interested in divorce, Lou!
My God, what are you asking for!
How can you ask me that!
Why don't you respect me?
I'm not writing Comedy, Lou ... you know that!
I have nothing to do with “comic”!

Fry! I do not want to talk like that ...
but, I have some information.
Don't do this, you will be punished ...
and in fact, severely!
You know that it's impossible to get what you want!
This story, I'm talking about '' Breakfast ''
and the following ten stories,belong to us Fry!
You signed a contract, you got the money,
and no one forced you to!

''He gets up and walks towards the plant, takes out a tissue, catches the bee and takes it to Lou.''

Do you know what the bee's job is, Lou?

I must go.
''He gets up and goes to put on his shoes.
There is a bee in a shoe ... Lou puts his foot on it.''

The bee chooses what to sow! Lou!
This is its job, it chooses what to sow ...
No, whatever! Lou ... no, whatever!

''Lou goes to the door and leaves.
Fry lets the bee fly again.
He takes his bag and goes out into the hallway.
There are shoes outside the office doors. Fry kicks them.

He goes down the street and takes a taxi.
It reaches outside an apartment building.
He enters. From the window we see him carrying things.

In a little while he appears wearing a suit and a suitcase.
He takes a taxi again. We see him outside the city, heading to the airport. We see the plane in the sky.''